Writing: Every Day Inspiration, Day Four: A Story in a Single Image

Topic: Ed’s Story

A seeker in church building


Here is the Story behind the man sitting in Church! There is a good reason why Ed is sitting in that position in the Church’s building and this is the story behind it all. Ed was the last child of a family of four. So they spoiled him. All in the family gave him his own way except for his father, who loved him just the same. He had a quiet disposition, but was obstinate most times. He always made strife with his siblings for their toys, even when he had equal amounts as they. He was his mother’s favorite son.

His father, however, was the one who was strict in the home but he had a heart problem. He always scolded Ed and grounded him at times when he thought it was necessary. But many times his Mom would let him off the hook. His mom, however, was a praying mother and she prayed and hoped that he would change his attitude one day.

As time went by his behavior got worst. He was now attending high school and did well each term at his examination. His family was happy for him in all that he did, but his attitude was unacceptable most times, especially towards his Mom. He was rude towards his mom, you see. She could not get him to do any errand around the home without a quarrel.

With regards to work at home, he made excuses, for example, “Mom I am not feeling well.” “Mom, I do not know how to do that, Mom, and besides my allergies might rise up, and so he carried on.” Another time his mom told him that she needed a few items at the Grocery Store to prepare lunch for the family. And after some persuasion he left at about 10:30 A M, but did not return home until 6:00 P M. As a result, his mother was mad with him, and she asked him, “Where in the world have you been looking for the items?” “I bought the items early, but I met a friend I did not see for a long time, and she invited me to see her new home, so I went and by talking with her the time slipped way.” he replied. Ed’s Mom said, “What!”

Unfortunately, at the said time Ed’s father was walking towards the kitchen where he and his Mother was, when he heard him raised his voice at his mom. And he said to him, “Boy I am tired talking to you about your attitude in this home, and especially towards you mother! Do you  want to kill me? tell me. And with that being said, his father’s blood pressure went up sky high, and he fell to the ground. At that point the entire family ran to his rescue crying, Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! They rushed him to the hospital where he died a week after from heart attack, according to the medical report.

At the funeral service the Pastor comforted the family and other mourners. In his message he reminded them that their love one was a believer in Christ, and that death was just a transition, therefore the deceased was not dead, rather, he was asleep. And since the family each believed in Christ, they should not sorrow because they had hope. For at the coming of Christ, people who will be alive then will not be caught up to meet Him before those who died in Christ, he said. And the order of the resurrection will be in this fashion, the dead in Christ will rise first from their graves, followed by those who will be alive at Christ’s coming. And both the quick and the dead will be caught up together in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. “And so shall we ever be with the Lord.” Finally, he asked the family to continue to comfort each other with those words. [1 Thessalonians 4:13-18]

At the last viewing before they took the corpse to the burial ground, Ed broke down and with much tears flowing from his eyes and snat from his nostrils, he asked His father to forgive him (even though he could not hear a thing), and promised his mother to respect her and to take good care of her. Subsequently, the Minister offered a special prayer on Ted’s behalf, and for the family as a whole afterwards.  So from that day Ed began to attend church services regularly, and even became actively involved in the programs there.

However , each day between 12:00 P M and 1:00P M Ed went to the church building, sat in that same pew, and locked himself away from the activities of the world, and prayed and worshiped and meditated; and what more,—in the presence of Almighty God. Ed proved to be a changed man indeed. And also that with God Almighty all things are possible.

―Redeeming Luv