Writing: Everyday Inspiration, Day Seventeen: A Map As Your Muse


D’Aguiar Park is located on the junction of Mandella Avenue and the East Bank Public Road Guyana. It is the home for the Manufacturing of Banks Beer and other products. A ride from the Park along the East Bank Public Road to Cheddi Jagan International Airport is about 16 miles.

Have you ever left something that was important to you at either one of two places, but was not sure where specifically and you decided to walk back to both places in your desperation to find your precious item? Well that was my experience about a year ago.

Fortunately it was about mid-morning when I was travelling on a bus along the East Bank Public Road when I came off at the Bus Stop by the Demerara Harbor Bridge to speak with a school mate I did not see for years. It was an exciting time for both of us as we ask about the where about of our classmates and teachers and lecturers whom we did not see or heard about in the longest while. Then we spoke about other things generally pertaining to local, regional and global issues, and changes we expect to see in the not too distant future. We sipped a can of juice, which we purchased from a vendor just where we stood, and afterwards we went our several ways. I stood at the Bus Stop not even for a minute when a bus arrived and off I went on it.

While on the bus I remembered that I needed some revenue stamps, and I decided to stop at the Agricola Post Office whicBanks DIHh is located on the left hand side just off the of the East Bank Public Road when travelling in a northern direction. The bus stopped directly at the Post Office and I paid my fare. Subsequently, I went into the Post Office and after purchasing my stamps, I caught another bus which was travelling to the City. I was in a relaxed mood at that time when I felt that I had missed something, and shortly after I realized that I did not have the book I had left home with. So I asked the driver to stop the bus, which was by then just opposite to D’Aguiar Park , strategically located on the right hand side of the East Bank Public Road. And that land mark became the starting point of my journey by foot in the opposite direction (i.e. the Southern direction) in search of my precious book.


From D’Aguiar Park I walked past Meadow Bank a little village on the Southern half of the East Bank Road then to Hustan Estate and Gaffoor’s Complex which sells everything Hardware, from a screw to large industrial building materials. Walking briskly on the pavement which starts by Huston Government Secondary School on the left hand side of the road I finally reached the Agricola Post Office, but when I inquire from the clerk if a book was left there, but he said that there was no evidence of a book around, and that hardly any one visited the Post office within a two hours period.  However he invited me to look around in the public area, and at a quick glance I did not see the book lying anywhere around. But I still had hopes in finding my book. I thanked the clerk and I headed up the road walking at fast as I could, and that was with no slow pace.


In a jiffy I headed pass Two Brothers Corporation and as I blazed the trail beads of perspiration flowed down my face and by the time I had reached Eccles Assembly of God Church, the shirt on my back was soaked, it was about 1:00 P M, you see. Nevertheless, I was determined to make it to the Bridge and to find my book. I was a good walk from Eccles to the bridge and I decided to burn some more calories. I was not tired at all and nothing else bothered me either. I challenged myself to reach theHarbor Bridge download Bridge at all cost in one half of an hour. I had my time piece on me, but did not make myself a time checker. I soon came around the turn around the Nandi Park Area, and soon I would reach the bridge, so I increased my walking speed until I reached the finishing line at the bridge.


Praise the Lord! I exclaimed. As I was about to approach the Vendor: lifting the book with her right hand she asked, “Are you looking for this? I smiled and I said, “Yes, thank you.” And she said, “Take it, it’s yours.”  I breathed a sigh, and with my next breadth I thanked her, and prayed for the prosperity of her soul and business.

Praise the Lord! I exclaimed. As I was about to approach the Vendor: lifting the book with her right hand she asked, “Are you looking for this? I smiled and I said, “Yes, thank you.” And she said, “Take it, it’s yours.”  I breathed a sigh, and with my next breadth I thanked her, and prayed for the prosperity of her soul and business.

–Redeeming Luv

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Redeeming Luv

1. I am a preacher with a vision; and an inspired message of Emancipation for the mentally and spiritually enslaved by the precious Blood of Christ. [1Peter 1:18-19; Romans 6:17-18] 2. I am a God-fearing Guyanese of African descent, and my name is Wilfred A. Wilson, Pastor/Founder of The Inward Jew Nation of God Ministries, INC., in Guyana, South America. Inspired by Romans 2:29, I registered this pioneering work in that name because to live one's life of a Jew inwardly in union with Christ is a distinguished daily lifestyle among Yahweh's New Creation in Christ, in obedience to His infallible Word. [Romans 2:29; Ephesians 1:3-5] Besides we identify with Yahweh's seventh (7th) day "Rest" at creation. We are non-denominational, indigenous, autonomous and self-propagating. Since in September 2012, with new inspiration from Romans 2:29, I became very conscious more than ever of whom I am in Christ, and declared publicly that, I am a Jew inwardly, because of my change of heart i.e., by the power of the Holy Spirit. [Romans 2:29, 3:21-22, 23-25; Colossians 2:9 -13] Subsequently I shared my experience with my already established group and we embrace Romans 2:29; and according the WORD, we moved to the next level as led by the Spirit: and registered our group with the Style and Title, "The Inward Jew Nation of God Ministries, INC. in Guyana, South America. MY ENCOUNTER WITH CHRIST I came to grips with Jesus/Yeshua in the early 70s, and through YAHWEH'S mercy, and by His grace; He saved me, called me and put me in the ministry. Thus, after completing intensive ministerial studies, I was ordained on November 10, 1976, and I served the Church (Sunday Worship) as Pastor for many years: until I was inspired to establish a Nondenominational Independent Church in union with Christ that would also identify with Yahweh’s seventh day “Rest” at creation. 3.. Also, I am a positive thinker; inspired preacher and father of two children - both are females. Currently I am pursuing private studies…. Contact Email Address: mybodyatempleofyahweh@yahoo.com

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