Day Six and Seven Assignments

Day Seven: Make the Most of Events

Today’s assignment: create a recurring blogging event on your site, and/or make plans to attend a blogging conference.


Truthfully speaking, when all is said and done, at the end of the day the worse of us, and even the atheist will soon see the need, and follow the urge to pray.

It is written: “Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” [Philippians 2:11]

Concerning the need for man to pray it is written, “And He spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not faint….” [Luke 18:1]

 I will, by the help of the Holy Spirit, use Pinterest or Tublir to create a recurring Fire Up Prayer Blogging Blast Meet, on that plane through networking, in Jesus’ name.

With the fearful scenes and signs of the times around us world-wide, however, if we did not want to pray as much previously, we know now that we need to pray more than ever before today.

My beloved, Readers, I want to submit you that Effective Fervent Prayers… run things. And yes, in your personal lives, in your everyday decision making, in your household, in your marriages, in your finances, in your studies, in your work places, in your businesses; in your government’s decisions making, in all countries all over the world: in sadness, in sickness, in your weakness, in your pain and distress, in your broken heartedness, in your good times and in your bad times… I say to you that, Effective Fervent Prayers… run things. Amen. Let’s give God Praise!!!!!!!!

Join with me at a Supernatural Recurring Prayer Blogging Blast, to be announced soon, and let’s text our prayers and give God Praise together, and believe God for your miracle, and for others, in Jesus’ name.  Hallelujaaah!!!  Amen.

Day Six: Dig Deep into a Social Network

Today’s Assignment: pick one social network you’ll use to help grow your blog. Then, outline a plan for how you’ll use it.

 I have added two more social networks to help grow my blog, viz. Pinterest and Tumblr. I will use the latter to post various short Gospel messages, notices and events, and minister to anyone with spiritual needs etc., just to mention a few.  These will be done according to the needs of my growing groups, with God’s help. So by faith, it is just a matter of time.
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