Vision and Victory Ahead

Welcome to the InJew Nation In Christ Communique! Monday, November 10, Stormy 2014.

InJew Nation in Christ,  “History and Culture Delevopment” :(Universal Church of Christ 7th Day Ministries; Inc.Guyana,  South America.): Motto: Charity, Chase Conduct, Cheerfulness, and Change–Inwardly.                                       ______________________________________________________________________________

Our Hope

Bless Up e-Book Store, is a not-for profit-ministry of the above mentioned Church. Focusing on our vision; and sharing with all interested persons globally, the Word of God, which enriches our history and Culture in union with Christ : will give hope to the hopeless; spiritual food and strength to hungry; quench the thirst of the thirsty; give sight to the blind, shed light in their pathway, rescue the perishing, and give life to the dying.

With e-books and various categories of e-devices today, one can learn added skills and improve himself/herself at their own pace for personal satisfaction, and/or to improve work performance; and thus, possible an increase of financial gains. Additionally, providing a new service to sensitive the public, and especially the underprivileged, it is expected that it would help some to strike a balance between the material and the spiritual, thus alleviating poverty to some degree.                         Our Belief

We believe that at some point in time our e-services and ministries, though small now, will motivate individuals and groups. And as they  grasp the vision, they will run with it and eventually, enjoy the other benefits such as, for example,: self confidence, high self-worth, a changed mindset, a good character, a clearer understanding of the world; and the Word of God, [1 John 2: 15-17] through increased reading skills, dedication just to mention a few.

We also believe that by providing clean and healthy ebooks materials and training at all levels through the  electronic systems available, and by encouraging everyone within our communities and without to read more, and to further their studies,  that this simple approach starting from the home, church, and clubs, could have a greater impact on our societies globally. Also that positive results could be seen even at a faster rate, provided that there is co-operation in every stratum of society. Further that through education and training, at all levels crime rates and other ills in today’s societies would decrease significantly, poverty would be alleviated, and people would be able to live and work together in a much more comfortable, safe, peaceful and friendly environment. Interestingly, with less pressure on the economy, there should be signs of economic growth and development with a given period of time.

Your opportunity

Also with other things being well, foreign investors would always have vacancies to be filled at all levels in their business enterprises, and especially for persons who can manage their high level electronic equipment; and this would be to advantage of those who have been upgrading their acadamic and technical skills.

Overcome your reading problem

A lot of people have great practical skills and abilities, but have a reading problem. It is never too late to pick up the slate and make a new start all over again. Start from the basics, if you have a problem reading. It is not embarrasing, but instead, rewarding. Start with an e-book at your level. At first, and at times, you would want some one to help you, so find that someone, and after you have learnt to read, study and work on the skill/s that you like best and can manage, especially if  it makes sense in terms of enough dollars, and at the same time, could make you live up and enjoy a better standard of social, economic and spiritual life.

Fulfilling our goal

To fulfill our goal we will be sharing downloadable Free e-bies with all interesting persons for free, from time to time, when they become available. In addition, we will have a variety of other e-products on sale at reasonable low prices. For example: e-books, e-cards, soft ware, other things electronic, etc., to mention a few. You may “check- up” our Page on Facebook and remember to click “Like.”

Trust us to provide you with fresh messages from the Word of God; and also good e-products to enhance your knowledge, develop your practical skills, and to keep you interested and happy.  Do come again and tell others about our new Site on wordpress.com!!!

Celebrate with us

Finally, If you are happy and you know it, say Amen. Celebrate with us now, an inevitable revolutionary change that will manifest itself in Guyana, through divine intervention; between December stormy 2014 and May 1, heat up 2015; and beyond. Join with us in singing out our theme song, “Oh Happy Day,” rendered by Ray Charles and the voices of jubliation Choir/ Shalom.

‘Being of service to you is the best thing that has ever happened to us.’


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